Irish Summer Go Cup

Hey Irish Go Players from all around the country and beyond,

to keep our Summer buzzing with a tournament of our own, I am proposing a Team tournament following the principle of the Nongshim Cup (
The idea is simple : registration are starting now simply by sending an email to and filling up these fields :

First Name :
Last Name :
EGF Rank :
Pandanet pseudo (if you have one, if you don’t you’d better create one now) :

You will be allocated to one of the three teams :

  • the Mighty Team Takemiya
  • the Smart Team ChoChiHun
  • the Creative Team GoSeiGen

in order to reach three teams as balanced as possible.
Starting with the weaker player of each team and going up, each player who wins continues to play opponents from the other two teams (alternating between them) until there are no more opponents left. The winning player changes color every time he plays a new game.

The games will all be even game, last 30mn main time +3*30s ByoYomi with a 6.5pt komi and will be played online on Pandanet so that everybody can cheer up for their team partners and of course make plenty of cheeky comments on the discord channel.

In order to keep this tournament in a reasonable timeframe, we unfortunately have to set up strict time rules. Each game will be played by default on
Tuesday evening at 8pm,
but the two players who have to play can decide together for an alternate time. They have one week max to organise together and play their game otherwise the two players will be eliminated and we will move on to the two next natural players in the list on the next Tuesday. We know it is probably harsh but we have seen other irish online tournaments in the past 😉
A link to an online documents with rounds is available here
, this document has to be updated by the players if they decide to change the date of their game and a mail sent to to announce the change.

The registration phase starts…now!
The registration phase ends…on the 20th of June at midnight. The teams will be communicated on Sunday 21st of June and the tournament will start immediately on Monday 22nd so two players will have to be fully ready to jump on their boards!

Each team will have 1 joker, so if for a reason (holidays for example) a player cannot play his game in the planned week and announce it at the beginning of the week, the next player in the list of his team will be allowed to play the game instead.

Remember this is a non-ranked tournament just for pleasure so have fun : time to test your latest fuseki creation or joseki tricks!

Good Summer Go to all!


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