Nailbiting Finish to PGETC

Ireland’s tenth season in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship went down to the wire last night, with Sweden eking out victory in the League B promotion match by a mere half-point.

Ireland went into Tuesday’s match trailing by one game, Karl having already lost the board one game over the weekend to Charlie Åkerblom, but the tide started to turn in Ireland’s favour, with Philippe and Matei winning their games.

James was less fortunate, and ultimately resigned despite engineering a ko to keep himself in the game.

That left everything hanging on the final game to finish, Ian’s game on board 3. A large capture in the centre of the board gave Ian the smallest of leads as the game entered yose. Deep into overtime, with only a few moves left to play, Ian made a one-point error, reversing the result of the game.

This left Sweden as the overall victors, 3–2, barely retaining their place in League B.

Congratulations to the Irish team, and their captain Cian Synnott, on their most successful season to date. We’ll be expecting great things in season 11!

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