Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 4

Terrific fights last Tuesday with two very tense games between balanced opponents.

The first game attracted all attention with Roy aka Gowest trying to go for a fourth consecutive win for team Takemiya.
Niall didn’t faint and put a halt to this streak. It was a solid display, the beginning of the game was very balanced but suddenly Niall captured a gigantic corner and the game became onesided even if Roy tried everything to recover.
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The second game was against two new players, again a very clean start with a very balanced beginning, first Ruari taking an overall lead but then Michele fought back by outreading her opponent in a local fight, so it all ended up in a big invasion of a white moyo and the way weaks groups were handled. In the end Ruari took the lead and a misread by Michele finished the game early.

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Next round is up at the usual link :
Irish Summer Go Cup – Google Docs

See you all on discord on Tuesday!

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