Irish Summer Go Cup – Semi-Finals

The two semi-finals have been played and the name of the Finalist Teams are known! ChoChiHun and Takemiya will fight for the world famous ISGC title!

On board 1 James and myself had a intense but quick fight which ended up because of a life and death misread, thus ending James record-winning streak. I have reviewed it with my own eyes and thoughts at the time i was playing.

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On board 2 the game between Matei and Ian went through different phases, with a clear share of territory for Ian and influence for Matei. Ian successfully lived with two groups in the middle of Matei area thus taking the lead but then a few slack moves allowed black to capture big pieces of remaining territory, thus taking a definitive lead that could not be overcome.

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The final will take place this Monday at 8pm between Matei and Philippe.
As both players had black previously, there will be a nigiri and the winner will make his team proud and successful!
See you all on Monday for the last game of this Summer Cup!

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