Irish Summer Go Cup – and in the end, ChoChiHun wins!

In a dramatic finish, the Irish Summer Go Cup finally came to an end yesterday with a win by team ChoChiHun over team Takemiya.

Matei was ready to pay a vibrant tribute to his team leader, legendary Takemiya, and opened up with a Sanrensei opening. I was ready to pay one to my team leader, the pragmatic Chochihun, and I took points first, but the game quickly went on the fight side, with the mess spreading over the whole board. The game was decided when after three tenukis, white managed to connect his chased group, thus taking a clear lead in territory.

The game reviewed through my eyes is available here :

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A huge congrats to the ChoChiHun team : Chin, Rick, Michele, Piotr, Alex, and me

A well deserved Special prize for James with the longest winning streak of 4 victories in a row.

And I want to give a special nod to niallgo, shinuito and kaskai who attended absolutely all games, transforming Discord and the game chat into a nice review room, Stephen making the effort to reproduce each game in OGS in the last rounds!

I hope you enjoyed the Summer Cup and may be see you next year for the next one!

You can find full games list here :

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