Top 8 — Qualifying Round 2

When the dust settled last night, the following warriors advanced to the second qualifying round for the Top 8: John Gibson, Stephen Flinter, John Courtney, Piotr Gawron, Peter Kasko, and Tom Shanahan.

The pairings for the second round are:

G: Roman Pszonka (romanp) vs. John Courtney (JohnCourtn)
H: Ian Davis (javaness) vs. Piotr Gawron (pgaw)
I: John Gibson (ishidaogo) vs. Peter Kasko (sutex)
J: Stephen Flinter (sflinter) vs. Tom Shanahan (seanachain)

The matches will be played at 8pm, Wednesday, 20th January in the Ireland room on KGS. The winners advance to the Top 8 and join last year’s top four finishers in a double elimination format.

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