Top 8 — Round 1

With the qualifying rounds complete, Roman Pszonka, Piotr Gawron, Thomas Shanahan and Peter Kasko have advanced to join Matei Garcia, James Hutchinson, Alex Delogu and Michael Thai in the Top 8.

The draw for the first round of the double elimination is:

Matei Garcia (superhonte) vs. Michael Thai
Roman Pszonka (romanp) vs. Piotr Gawron (pgaw)
James Hutchinson (jameshut) vs. Tom Shanahan (seanachain)
Alex Delogu (AD26) vs. Peter Kasko (sutex) [rescheduled: Monday, 25th, 8pm]

Join us in the Ireland room on KGS at 8pm, Wednesday January 27th to watch the action.

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