Correspondence Championship 2023 – Entries Open – Registration Extended

The correspondence championship will be starting once again in February, and entries will now open.

Similar to previous years, this tournament is open to anyone who is Irish, has ever lived in Ireland, is married or otherwise related to someone Irish, or has any connection to Irish go, however tenuous. 

Games will be played on OGS, time controls will be Fischer time of two weeks basic plus one day per move. Assuming I get enough entries, I will separate the tournament into brackets of 6–8 players, so you shouldn’t be overwhelmed with games, and the games should be at least somewhat balanced.

In order to enter, please fill out this Google Form with your name, OGS username and rank, whichever one you think is most accurate, so if there’s enough entries we can split by rank similar to last year. All ranks and levels welcome of course!

Entries close at midnight, Sunday February 5th. I’ll set the brackets then, and you’ll have a week in which to accept your invitation to the tournament. Games will start at 9am, Monday February 13th

OGS requires that you must make your first move of the game within 48 hours, regardless of the time controls. I will try to keep an eye on players’ games and clear this timer manually should the Black player look like they will time out within this 48 hour period.

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