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Author: Tiberiu Gociu

Ulster Open 2024 – RESULTS

Place Name Rank Country Club Wins R#1 R#2 R#3 MMS SOS SOSOS
Calota Lucretiu 4D UK St.A 3 3+/w0 2+/b0 4+/w0 32 91 276
Liu Dewei 2D IE Belf 2 4+/b0 1-/w0 3+/b0 31 92 275
Nulty Stephen 1K IE Dubl 1 1-/b0 5+/w0 2-/w0 30 93 270
Hutchinson James 2D IE Belf 1 2-/w0 8+/w1 1-/b0 30 91 266
Farrell Kevin 2K IE Galw 2 6+/w1 3-/b0 8+/w1 30 87 256
Tuohy Niall 4K IE Dubl 2 5-/b1 9+/w3 10+/w5 28 80 221
Gociu Tiberiu 5K IE Belf 3 0+ 0+ 0+ 28 75 225
Lee Byoung-Ju 4K IE Dubl 1 9+/w3 4-/b1 5-/b1 27 83 249
Elkink Jos 8K IE Dubl 0 8-/b3 6-/b3 11-/w3 22 71 216
10  Lafferty Colin 11K IE Galw 2 13+/w1 12+/w1 6-/b5 21 63 182
11  Aitken James 13K IE Belf 2 12-/w0 14+/w9 9+/b3 19 53 149
12  Stephenson David 13K IE Belf 2 11+/b0 10-/b1 15+/w9 19 53 142
13  Mcgarvey Luke 13K IE Belf 2 10-/b1 15+/w9 14+/w9 19 49 114
14  Singh Gurmeet 25K IE Belf 1 15+/w0 11-/b9 13-/b9 6 25 128
15  Hawthorne Zoe 25K IE Belf 0 14-/b0 13-/b9 12-/b9 5 26 127

OpenGotha 3.52.03 – 17-02-2024 18:19 Round#1: Stephen Nulty vs Lucretiu Calota Round#2: Lucretiu Calota vs Dewei Liu Round#3: Liu Dewei vs Stephen Nulty Lucretiu Calota vs. James Hutchinson David vs Zoe & Luke…

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Ulster Open 2024

Dear fellow Go-players,
You are cordially invited to attend the already well-established Ulster Open tournament in Lisburn. Attending players:

Player Rank Club
Lucretiu Calota 4d St Albans
James Hutchinson 2d Lisburn
Dewei Liu 1d Belfast
Stephen Nulty 1k Dublin

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2016 Ladder is now on

All, Now you can start challenging other players. If I missed anyone please get back to me and I’ll adjust the entries.
Let the games begin!

2016 Ladder starts

The (in)famous Ladder tournament is back again for 2016 and is open to all Irish folks (residents or not) and friends.
To register please send an email to ladder [at] irish-go [dot] org or contact Tibi. Let the games begin!

2014 TOP8 remaining games

On March 13th, Philippe won by resignation against Tom.
On March 11th, Noel won by resignation against John.
On March 8th, Philippe won a lost game against James.
On March 5th, 2015 the first of the remaining TOP8 games was played: Philippe Renaut vs. Tiberiu Gociu.
It was a very tense…

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