IGA Ladder Tournament

The Ladder Tournament serves two purposes. First, it provides IGA members with a venue for tournament level competition throughout the year. Secondly, it is the qualifying tournament for the Top 8. The tournament takes the form of a ladder, with the competitors ranked in order – players may challenge any player up to five rungs above them. If the challenger wins, s/he moves up the ladder to take the defeated player’s place, pushing them (and any players below them) down the ladder. Inactive players can slide rapidly down the ladder and there is a constant scramble for position. The Ladder tournament runs until the end of November at which point qualification for the Top 8 is assessed, but players carry their finishing position into the following year’s Ladder.

Ladder Rules

To join the ladder email ladder [at] irish-go [dot] org . The current positions in the Ladder Tournament are shown below:

Roll of Honour

The following have won the Irish Ladder Tournament,

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