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Xinqun Levels the Score

The second game in the Championship proved just as bloody as the first, but this time Lu Xinqun had the upper hand and it was Philippe Renaut who was unsuccessfully struggling for life. Taking the white stones, Xinqun allowed Philippe three corners, staking the game on an imposing central moyo. When the inevitable invasion…

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Magic Swords and Big Kills

The 2024 Championship Finals started with a bang as Philippe Renaut (White) engineered a massive kill to secure an early victory over Lu Xinqun (Black) in the first game of the best-of-three series. In the review below, Philippe explains his thought processes and decisions during this fascinating fighting game. Veterans will enjoy the appearance…

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Philippe Advances to the Championship

Philippe Renaut defeated John Courtney in the backdoor bracket final to advance to the Championship. Philippe will face the redoubtable Lu Xinqun in the best-of-three series. This is the same match-up as last year’s Championship, in which Philippe won the series 2–1. The first game will take place on Wednesday, 17th April at…

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Entries Open for 2024 Irish Championship

Entries are now open for the 2024 Irish Championship. As in recent years, the Championship will take place in three stages: Qualifiers, Top 8, and Final. Qualifiers will be played online through January and February, with the Top 8 taking place in Dublin over the first weekend in March. Entry is open to…

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Finals Game 3 — Philippe’s Analysis

In his analysis of the third game of the 2023 Championship Final, Philippe reveals the extensive joseki preparation that laid the foundation for his ultimate victory. Would-be Irish Champions, take note!

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