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Ireland on a Roll; Xinqun Levels Championship

Ireland continued their winning streak in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship with a 3–1 victory over Spain on Tuesday night. The games were complex, bloody affairs with all four decided by comfortable margins. Gavin Rooney was the first to finish: an ill-judged invasion left his opponent cut in two with fatal consequences,…

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Valentine’s Day Massacre

Ireland took a major step towards promotion in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship, with a 4–0 victory over our closest rivals, the UK. Although some results from the other matches are not in yet, Ireland move two points clear at the top of table, with three rounds left to play. In truth,…

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Ireland Stumble on Georgian Steppe

The third round proved anything but charming as Ireland dropped their first point of the season with a 2–2 draw against bottom-placed Georgia in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship. The evening started well, with Gavin Rooney and captain Philippe Renaut winning by wide margins on Boards 3 and 2. But then things…

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Ireland Top of the Table

Ireland defeated Slovenia 3–1 in the second round of the Pandanet Go European Team Championships last night, while Spain went down 0–4 to a reenergised UK team, leaving Ireland one point clear at the top of League C. The UK and Norway are tied for second place. Board 3 was the first to…

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Ireland Off to a Flying Start

Ireland defeated Denmark 3–1 last night, in the first round of the Pandanet Go European Team Championships, . Team captain Philippe Renaut led the way on board 2, his opponent collapsing under time pressure as Philippe obliterated his moyo. On board 3, a late game capturing race swung the game against…

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