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August News

You may have expected nothing to happen on the Irish Go Scene until the upcoming Belfast Go tournament, but you were entirely wrong. Not 1, but 3 full ladder games have been played! As a result Philippe Renaut, newly resident in Co. Galway, has reached the top rung. James Hutchinson, the reigning champion…

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Blast from the Past 1991-93

As promised, here is the next batch of newsletters to fill a few hours of July. Included, is a game from the 1992/1993 championship final. 

Blast from the Past – 1990

So as I mentioned earlier in the week, John Gibson was kind enough to send me some scans of some old IGA newsletters (2-11). The first batch from 1990 are now uploaded onto the website. Each month, I will be uploading the batch from the next year. In order to complete the set, can anyone lay…

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45th European Go Congress, Dublin 2001

Continuing our series of historical articles on Go in Ireland, we present John Gibson’s diary of the of the 2001 European Go Congress, which was held in Dublin. John was the Tournament Director for the congress. Friday 20th We start setting up at the venue. Some curious go players drop by and some even help….

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The Game of Go

The game of Go is probably the oldest board game in existence. It originated in China over 4000 years ago. The first mention of it in literature is by Confucius ( 500 B.C.). The game reached Japan in the 8th century and is now considered the national game of the country and played by approximately…

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