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Korean Prime Minister’s Cup to Be Held Online

The 2020 Korean Prime Minister’s Cup will be held online as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to make face-to-face play impossible. The tournament will take place on the Tygem server, throughout the month of August. If you would be interested in representing Ireland at this KPMC, or would like further details, please contact the secretary,…

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Korea Prime Ministers Cup 2019 Invitation

Representative required for Ireland at the upcoming KPMC to be held in Gangwon-do, Korea, from August 31st to September 6.

Results from KPMC #12

Kevin Farrell was representing Ireland at the 12th Korean Prime Minister’s Cup. He gave a creditable performance, picking up 2 wins over the course of 6 rounds to finish in 45th place. If I read the results table correctly, he won against Guatemala and Ecuador, but lost to Belgium, Sweden, Macau, and Romania. It was…

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September Newsflash

A quick newsflash on some international topics. The Korean Prime Minister’s Cup will be starting on the 11th of September, Ireland are represented by Kevin Farrell. As in previous years, you can probably watch games live on the WBaduk server. The European Team Championships are also starting later this month on IGS. Oh,…

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2014 KPMC Results

The Korean Prime Minister’s Cup, one of the premier international amateur competitions, took place in Seoul this year. Ireland’s representative was Thomas Shanahan. Over 6 rounds of play, he scored 2 wins over Hungary and Argentina. This placed him in 41st position, just above his seeding of 42nd, and was thus a very good performance….

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