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Magic Swords and Big Kills

The 2024 Championship Finals started with a bang as Philippe Renaut (White) engineered a massive kill to secure an early victory over Lu Xinqun (Black) in the first game of the best-of-three series. In the review below, Philippe explains his thought processes and decisions during this fascinating fighting game. Veterans will enjoy the appearance…

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AGM Welcomes New President

Tiberiu Gociu (Belfast) became the new President of the Irish Go Association at Tuesday’s AGM, elected unopposed. Otherwise it was business as usual, with John Doyle (Cobh) and Eoghan Barry (Dublin) continuing as Treasurer and Secretary respectively. The tenor of the meeting was generally optimistic, with the officers’ reports noting the continued growth and financial…

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Ulster Open 2024 – RESULTS

Place Name Rank Country Club Wins R#1 R#2 R#3 MMS SOS SOSOS
Calota Lucretiu 4D UK St.A 3 3+/w0 2+/b0 4+/w0 32 91 276
Liu Dewei 2D IE Belf 2 4+/b0 1-/w0 3+/b0 31 92 275
Nulty Stephen 1K IE Dubl 1 1-/b0 5+/w0 2-/w0 30 93 270
Hutchinson James 2D IE Belf 1 2-/w0 8+/w1 1-/b0 30 91 266
Farrell Kevin 2K IE Galw 2 6+/w1 3-/b0 8+/w1 30 87 256
Tuohy Niall 4K IE Dubl 2 5-/b1 9+/w3 10+/w5 28 80 221
Gociu Tiberiu 5K IE Belf 3 0+ 0+ 0+ 28 75 225
Lee Byoung-Ju 4K IE Dubl 1 9+/w3 4-/b1 5-/b1 27 83 249
Elkink Jos 8K IE Dubl 0 8-/b3 6-/b3 11-/w3 22 71 216
10  Lafferty Colin 11K IE Galw 2 13+/w1 12+/w1 6-/b5 21 63 182
11  Aitken James 13K IE Belf 2 12-/w0 14+/w9 9+/b3 19 53 149
12  Stephenson David 13K IE Belf 2 11+/b0 10-/b1 15+/w9 19 53 142
13  Mcgarvey Luke 13K IE Belf 2 10-/b1 15+/w9 14+/w9 19 49 114
14  Singh Gurmeet 25K IE Belf 1 15+/w0 11-/b9 13-/b9 6 25 128
15  Hawthorne Zoe 25K IE Belf 0 14-/b0 13-/b9 12-/b9 5 26 127

OpenGotha 3.52.03 – 17-02-2024 18:19 Round#1: Stephen Nulty vs Lucretiu Calota Round#2: Lucretiu Calota vs Dewei Liu Round#3: Liu Dewei vs Stephen Nulty Lucretiu Calota vs. James Hutchinson David vs Zoe & Luke…

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AGM Date Change

The date for Annual General Meeting has been changed to 8pm, Tuesday, March 12th to avoid clashing with the upcoming Pandanet Go European Team Championship match. The deadline for submission of motions and nominations for office has likewise been extended to Sunday, 10th March.

Date Set for AGM

NB post updated to reflect new date. The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Go Association will take place online, at 8pm Tuesday, March 12th. The purpose of the meeting is to elect new officers for the coming year, to appoint a new committee, and to discuss and vote on any motions proposed by the…

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