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Recent top 8 results

On Wednesday, August 30 Ian (w) beat Brian by 2.5 points in a very close game. Ian has now played all his games, finishing on 4/6. On August 29 Claas (w) beat Brian by resignation. Claas has also played all his games, finishing on 3/6. Brian beat Paul Atling. On Wednesday, September 13, Steve (b)…

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Top 8 Result, Wednesday 16 August

In the Top 8 championship last night, Steve (b) beat Paul (w) by resignation. The championship table has been updated to reflect this result.

Top 8 result (Wed 2 & Thurs 3 August)

Ian dropped down from Belfast this week, and played Paul Atling on Wednesday night, and Claas on Thursday, winning both games. He beat Claas by 3.5 points, and Paul by resignation. These results have been reflected in the Championship table.

Ka Chun retires from 2006 Top 8

Ka Chun has advised us that he will have to withdraw from the 2006 Irish Championship (Top 8), and hence will forfeit all his games.

Top 8 Result – June 28

In top 8 news, on Wednesday evening (June 28) Claas (b) beat Paul by resignation, moving him to 2 wins from 4 games. This result has been reflected in the latest Top 8 table.

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