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Noel is 2006 Irish Champion

Noel beat Steve in the second game of their 2006 Irish Championship final yesterday evening at the Pembroke. Noel, playing black, won by 4.5 points. The game record is available in sgf format here:
Noel vs Steve Game Record This leaves the 2006 Top 8 as follows (with the Japan points…

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Top 8 results, Wedneday 27 November

There were two results in the top 8 last night: in their play-off game, Claas beat Chris. This gives Claas the fourth and final automatic place in the 2007 Top 8, joining Noel, Steve and Ian. The first game of the 2006 Top 8 final was also played. Noel (w) beat Steve by 17.5 points….

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Top 8: Paul Atling forfeit’s final game

Regretfully, Paul Atling has been forced to forfeit his final game with Chris in the Top 8. This means that Chris takes the win, and finishes on x/6 and Paul finishes on x/6. Noel and Ian still have to play off for the remaining place in the final. This result has been reflected in the…

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Top 8 Result, October 11

On Wednesday, Noel beat Chris.  This leaves Noel with 4/6 after the league stage – the same number of points as Ian.  Noel and Ian must now play off to decide who meets Steve in the 2006 final. This result has been reflected in the latest championship table.

Top 8 Result, September 20

On Wednesday, September 20, Steve (b) beat Noel by resignation. Steve finishes the league section on 6/6.  Noel is on 3/5, and must play Chris to determine the second qualification spot in the final. All results have been reflected in the latest championship table.

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