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29 Feb – Top 8 News

This year’s Irish Championship League, affectionately known as the  Top 8, came to an end tonight. Roman beat Noel by time, while Justyna achieved the same result against Tibi. This makes Roman the clear winner with 6/7. Tied for second are James and Ian, on 5/7, who must now play off to see who…

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26th Feb – Top 8 News

Another set of Top 8 games were played this weekend. A triangle tournament between the Belfast players was played, with all 3 games played in sequence on Saturday. Ian beating James and Tibi, and James beating Tibi. Then, the next night on KGS, Ian beat Justyna, although had she picked up on a serious middlegame…

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Jan 25th , 28th – Top 8 news

Top 8 veterans Noel Mitchell and John Gibson were the first to resume play after the kick-off weekend. John took an early lead, but Noel pulled himself back in front to win by 12.5 points. On Saturday, Roman and Colin played their game, after a thrilling struggle to find a clock. Roman emerged victorious, with…

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15 Jan – Top 8 News

The Irish Championship League, affectionately known as the Top 8, kicked off in the plush surroundings of the Burlington Hotel in Dublin this weekend (thanks to Noel!). After a hard fought 4 rounds, the race for the top 2 places looks to be very much still open. In pole position on 3/4 are Roman,…

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