Irish Confucius Cup Organisation

This page describes how to organise the annual Irish Confucius Cup weekend event.

  • Planning The Date
  • Agree Terms With Confucius Institute
  • Chinese Chess Organiser
Updating The IGA Website
  • Informing Players About The Event
  • Invitation Letters For Players Requiring Travel Visas
  • Month Before Confucius Cup Weekend
  • IGA Committee Volunteers
  • The Confucius Cup Weekend
      — Equipment Required For Weekend
      — Setting Up The Tournament Venue On Friday Afternoon
      — Friday Night Rapid Go Tournament
      — Saturday Morning Registration
          — Confucius Institute Assistant Registration Instructions
          — Go Tournament Organiser Registration Instructions
          — Chinese Chess Tournament Organiser Registration Instructions
      — Opening Ceremony
      — Initial OpenGotha Pairings
      — During the Tournament
      — Saturday Final Round
      — Sunday Final Round
      — Closing Ceremony
      — Prizegiving
      — Post Tournament Tidy Up
  • Days After Tournament Weekend
  • Invoicing The Confucius Institute
  • Reimbursing the Go Tournament Organiser
  • OpenGotha Go Tournament Software
      — Main Tournament Setup
      — Friday Rapid Tournament Setup
      — OpenGotha Practice

Planning The Date
    It is best to agree as early as possible on a date for the Irish Open tournament that usually occurs in March every year. Check that:
  • There are no big events on in Dublin that weekend where accommodation might become short, especially avoid Six Nations rugby weekends in Dublin.
  • There are no clashes with existing tournaments by checking:
     — The EGF calendar here
     — The BGA calendar here
Once a date has been agreed with the Confucius Institute, contact the following associations and ask them to add the tournament into their calendars:
  • egf @, secretary at, specify a Level B event if that has been agreed with the Confucius Institute.
  • BGA at Tony Atkins at ajaxgo @

Agree Terms With Confucius Institute
  • Agree venue – the Ballroom Suite in the Gresham Hotel
  • Agree weekend date
  • Agree prize money
  • Agree Level B event for Go, usually costs €1,000 but we got it in 2017 for €500 because we already had several professional Go players coming to our event.
  • Agree schedule for Saturday and Sunday, probably same as last year
  • Discuss who will come – Chinese Ambassador, representatives from UCD, Guo Juan, Fan Hui, if professional players will come over from China, who should make the bookings for flights and accommodation
  • Discuss if the usual services will be provided during the weekend:
     — free restaurant buffet dinner for the players on Saturday evening at Ten Thousand World Restaurant
     — free teas, coffees and water
     — simultaneous game Go and Chinese Chess games against the professionals
     — Go and Chinese Chess game reviews on Sunday afternoon with the professional players over from China

Chinese Chess Organiser
    The IGA will be the main organiser for both the Go and Chinese Chess events. Make contact with the Chinese Chess organiser, confirm that he/she can come that weekend. The organiser will probably need a visa to come to Ireland so the IGA or Confucius Institute will have to send an invitation letter to the organiser who will use it to get a travel visa. The IGA and Confucius Institute should agree on who will take care of the visa invitation letter, flights and accommodation cookings for the Chinese Chess tournament organiser.

Updating The IGA Website
  • Copy and paste last year’s pages and update for this year, there are 5 web pages to copy and update for the next year (click on links to see pages from 2017):
     — Main Irish Confucius Cup information page
     — Registered Go Players page
     — Go Players Registration Form page
     — Registered Chinese Chess Players page
     — Chinese Chess Players Registration Form page
  • Update any information, including all the date’s to next year’s events,
  • Google Docs spreadsheets are used to hold registered player information, copy the registered players spreadsheets and their accompanying registration forms for both Go and Chinese Chess from the previous year (ask Rory Wales for links to theses or else create your own), embed these forms into the Registration form and Registered players web pages.
  • Set up Google Docs notification to email you every time a player registers.
  • Test a few Go and Chinese Chess registrations, making sure that the names appear in the Registered players list (and ordered by rank for Go) within 15 minutes and that you receive an automated email from Google Docs.

Informing Players About The Event
    In December or January, broadcast an email to all Go and Chinese Chess players telling them about the event, make sure that the main IGA web page is already up to date, has all the prize money listed and that the registration forms are ready. Send the email to:
  • Irish Go Google Groups emailing list – irish-go @
  • any previous Confucius Cup players – ask Rory Wales for this list
  • EGF emailing list – egf-members @
  • BGA Go emailing list – gotalk @
  • Chi Kong from the British Chinese Chess Association – laiqi2 @
  • German Chinese Chess Association –, xuezhong2000 @
  • French Chinese Chess Association –, xavier.geremy @, ngthaidong @
  • Post link in IGA Facebook Group with link to IGA webpage here.

Invitation Letters For Players Requiring Travel Visas
    Some Asian people coming for the weekend will require a travel visa to come to Ireland. An agreement should be made with the Confucius Institute regarding who should send the invitation letters – the Confucius Instiute or the IGA. Asian players coming from the UK generally need a few weeks to get their visas processed whereas other European countries can take a couple of months, so they obviously need to apply early. A sample invitation to Guohan Zhang, who ran the 2017 Chinese Chess tournament, came over from the UK, he required an invitation letter. The Word doc format of the letter is available here and the signed PDF version is available here.

Month Before Confucius Cup Weekend
  • Book table for 20 people in Kimchi Korean restaurant on Parnell St for 7pm the Sunday evening. Update this Kimchi Restaurant map information flyer and print out 20 copies of it to hand out on the Sunday of the weekend so that players can find their way to the restaurant.
  • Practice using OpenGotha and run test Rapid and Main tournaments on it.
  • Expect regular correspondence through emails and phonecalls with Confucius Institute and confirm their part of the organisation:
     — They will bring the trophies and have last year’s Go and Chinese Chess winner names have been engraved on them
     — They will bring all the Chinese Chess sets and clocks (about 20 each) on Friday afternoon
     — They will bring the Confucius Institute and sponsors banners on Friday afternoon
     — They have a tray and red velvet cloth for the prize giving cermony
     — They have advertised event in free weekly Sun Emerald newspaper
     — They have made reservation in Ten Thousand World Buffet restaurant for Saturday evening and that they have printed vouchers for the restaurant for all the players.
     — Gift bag for each player containing restaurant voucher and weekend information leaflet
     — They have the cash for the prizes, or have transferred money to IGA bank account which in turn is used to withdraw the cash
     — They have envelopes for the cash prizes
     — Silly prizes – ties, anything
     — Microphones and audio equipment booked
     — Laptop for projector
     — 2 meeting rooms booked for 2 hours each for Sunday afternoon Go and Chinese Chess game reviews with the professionals. The Confucius Institute will need to provide 1 laptop for each of these rooms and make sure that suitable KGS Client for Go, and Chinese Chess software are installed on them for the game reviews.
     — They have provided information about the professional players coming from China, their names and ranks etc, this information should be updated on the IGA main webpage
     — They have provided the complete list of sponsors and sponsor logos. The logos will be required for the IGA website and information leaflets
     — Printed information leaflets with English on front and Chinese on back (they will need to update the Chinese part with this year’s dates)
     — They have a copy of your digital signature in transparent .png format so that they can print your signature on the award certificates
     — They have agreed the opening and closing ceremony procedures – who says what and when
     — Teas, coffees and water arranged with Gresham Hotel
  • Contact Gresham Hotel (Jamie Phillips) and confirm:
     — Get 2 free weekend parking passes so that the Go equipment can be transferred by car and car left in hotel car park for weekend
     — tables and chairs are there with black tablecloths on the tables.
     — Internet is working, including ethernet for game broadcasting in HD
     — Coat racks and hangers
     — Preferably 2 display boards to put the Current Standings printouts onto.
     — Podium will be available
     — Rubbish bins will be available

IGA Committee Volunteers
    Try and get IGA committee volunteers for the following:
  • Sitting out a round of there are an odd number of players
  • Numbering post-it notes and putting the post-it notes on each table so that players know where to sit
  • Setting up the clocks before each round
  • Scribes to broadcast the top board on the Internet
  • Taking lots of photographs

The Confucius Cup Weekend

Equipment Required For Weekend
  • Laptop with OpenGotha and KGS client installed
  • Printer
  • Printer paper
  • Petty cash (lots of people will show with €50 notes and expect to get change)
  • Sellotape
  • Stapler
  • Blu tack
  • Pens
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Batteries for ING clocks – each clock takes 2 AA batteries
  • 10m Electrical extension cable
  • Post-It Notes and Market – to write numbers on each table so players know where to sit
  • Envelopes for cash prizes
  • If broadcasting the top board on the Internet then the following additional equipment:
     — laptop with Open Broadcast Software (OBS) for YouTube broadcasting and KGS client installed.
     — 10m ethernet cable
     — HD webcam camera
     — camera tripod

Setting Up The Tournament Venue On Friday Afternoon
  • The Go tournament organiser should be the first/last person to arrive/leave the Ballroom Suite every day/night of the weekend. He/she should contact the Gresham reception to unlock/lock the room respectively.
  • Make sure the room is warm enough, contact reception to turn on the heat if necessary.
  • Test lights and microphones
  • Arrange tables and chairs so that 4 people sit comfortably at a table
  • Set up a separate ‘office’ area for the Go and Chinese Chess tournament organisers
  • Make sure that the Chinese Chess organiser has everything he/she needs to run the Chinese Chess tournament. Confirm with Chinese Chess organiser that his/her laptop can print on the IGA’s printer. If not then install the appropriate driver on the organiser’s laptop.
  • Number the tables using the post-it notes, starting with ‘1′ for strongest players.
  • Put best quality Go equipment on table 1, 2, … and so on down along
  • Ing Clocks:
     — Set to 0 minutes, and 5 x 30 boy-yomi.
     — Language to English
     — Volume set to less than half way
  • Get (preferably 2) display boards to put the Current Standings printouts onto.

Friday Night Rapid Go Tournament
  • The Friday night Rapid event is an excellent opportunity to make sure that everything is ready for the main weekend event. Consider it as a trial run to make sure you have everything required for the main weekend event.
  • The Friday night Rapid is a sudden death blitz tournament consisting of the 5 rounds with reducing time limits for each round:
     — Round 1 – 20 minutes
     — Round 2 – 18 minutes
     — Round 3 – 16 minutes
     — Round 4 – 14 minutes
     — Round 5 – 12 minutes
  • Only accept registration fees for the Friday night Rapid event. Don’t accept registration fees for the main event on Friday, tell the players they will have to register on Saturday morning for the main event.
  • Make sure when entering players into the OpenGotha software, that the player’s Rank and Grade values are the same.

Saturday Morning Registration
    Most players arrive to register 15 minutes before the Opening Ceremony so it is important to register the players as efficiency as possible. Registration is usually from 9am-10am and is done downstairs outside the Ballroom Suite in a lobby area beside the stairs. It requires the following 3 people who will sit beside each other:
  • Confucius Institute assistant, registration instructions here.
  • Go tournament organiser, registration instructions here.
  • Chinese Chess tournament organiser, registration instructions here.
During registration any IGA committee volunteers should be upstairs in the Ballroom suite setting up the venue, ie setting up the tables and chairs for the opening ceremony, setting up clocks etc.

Confucius Institute Assistant Registration Instructions
    The Confucius Institute will provide an assistant to help speed up the registration process as it must be finished by 9:55am exactly in time for the Opening Ceremony. Therefore a couple of days before the weekend, email the assistant a spreadsheet of all the registered players (sorted alphabetically by first name) so far (sample attached here) so that when those players arrive to register for the tournament he/she can just mark them as paid in the spreadsheet and not have to enter their names again. See screenshot below:

The spreadsheet contains 5 columns, the columns are:
  • Free: a ‘*’ symbol indicates that this player is a guest and does not have to pay.
  • First name: Player first name (the rows are sorted by first name)
  • Surname: Player last name
  • Join IGA?: If you see ’10’ in the cell for this player then it means that this player lives in Ireland and might like to join the Irish Go Association.
  • Entry Fee: The Confucius Cup tournament entry fee.
  • Total Paid: Enter the amount that the player has paid here.
  • Cristian Pop does not have to pay because there is a ‘*’ in front of his name.
  • Geoffrey Crespino would pay €25 because he is employed, and he also might want to pay €10 to become an IGA member so he would pay €35.

The Confucius Institute assistant should do the following for each player that arrives to register:
  • Ask if the player is playing Go or Chinese Chess.
  • If the player is playing Chinese Chess then:
     — There is no entry fee for Chinese Chess
     — Direct player to register with Chinese Chess organiser
     — Give the player a gift bag containing the information leaflet and restaurant voucher
  • If the player is playing Go then:
     — Ask him his name, the rows are sorted by First Name. When the player’s name has been found:
     — Check to see if there is a ‘*’ in front of the player’s name. If so then this indicates that this player is a guest and does not have to pay.
     — If there is a €10 in the ‘Join IGA?’ column then ask the player if he would like to join the Irish Go Association (IGA). If a players asks what the benefits are then you can say ‘the benefits are to buy more Go equipment’. A player does not have to pay the IGA membership fee if he doesn’t want to.
     — Ask the player to pay the Confucius Cup tournament Entry Fee by asking if he is employed, a student or unemployed. The entry fee has the following 2 categories:
        • Employed: entry fee is €25
        • Student or unemployed: €10
     — Take the money from the player and enter the amounts into the ‘Entry Fee’ and ‘Total Paid’ columns. ‘Total Paid’ can include IGA membership and the tournament entry fee.
     — Children aged 14 years old or less get in for free.
     — If the player’s name is not in the list then ask the player for his first and last name, enter it into the bottom of the spreadsheet and ask the above questions.
     — Give the player a gift bag containing the information leaflet and restaurant voucher

After registration, the Confucius Institute assistant should give the Go organiser all the money collected during registration and email the up to date list of all registered Go players.

Go Tournament Organiser Registration Instructions
    Make sure to have all already online registered players from the IGA website entered into OpenGotha as ‘Preliminary’ entrants before the weekend begins so that it will speed up the registration that Saturday morning, i.e. avoid wasting time entering in player names, ranks etc during registration when it could be done a couple of days earlier. Ask registering Go players the following questions:
  • What their rank is? Need to set their Rank and Grade in the OpenGotha software to this same value – very important
  • If they will be playing all rounds? If the player isn’t playing all rounds, ask him what round he will miss so that you can uncheck the appropriate checkbox in the ‘Participation’ section in the Registration window in the OpenGotha software for that round. Players above the bar will be expected to play all rounds.

Chinese Chess Tournament Organiser Registration Instructions
The Chinese Chess tournament organiser should have everything he/she needs to register the Chinese Chess players as they arrive.

Opening Ceremony
  • Welcome and thank everyone for coming
  • Point out fire exits
  • Explain basic Go tournament rules – 5 rounds, 60 minutes, 5×30 boy yomi, 6.5 komi. Same for Chinese Chess
  • Say who will run the Chinese Chess tournament
  • Ask that players records the winner of each game by circling the winners name on the Paired players list, or else tell the tournament organiser
  • Mention games against professional Beijing players that evening
  • Mention that everyone should have received a gift bag during registration that contains an information leaflet and voucher for buffet restaurant that evening and not to lose it
  • After opening ceremony has finished ask players to move tables and chairs back together

Initial OpenGotha Pairings
  • Confirm with Confucius Institute registration assistant if any other players have arrived during the Opening Ceremony, if so, add them to OpenGotha.
  • Make final check of OpenGotha settings:
     — That it is set to McMahon and not Swiss from the Friday Rapid the night before if using the same tournament file
     — Choose the bar dan level so that there are 8 or more players above the bar, e.g. in 2017 the bar was 6 dan because there were 8 or more 6 dan players
     — All registered players are set to Final, not Preliminary, this means that they will be included in the pairings
     — That all registered players have their Rank and Grade set to the same value
     — If there is an odd number of players, ask an IGA committee member to sit the round out and redo the pairings.
  • Make the OpenGotha pairings, print off the Pairings list and sellotape on display board(s). You should know the pairings already if all the registered players have turned up and you already did a test run on OpenGotha a couple of days before the tournament.
  • Announce that pairings are up and that the games should begin. The Chinese Chess tournament organise should do the same.

During the Tournament
  • Always keep an eye out for if there will be an odd number of players in the next round. If there will be, ask an IGA committee volunteer if he would mind missing a round.
  • Start all rounds on time, don’t be afraid to start the clocks for missing players.
  • Watch board 1 game on KGS, Post/Update current standings on IGA homepage and post link to it in KGS so game viewers can see the latest standings
  • Dispose of any rubbish left on table, ask Gresham staff to empty any fill bins
  • Reset clocks.
  • Reimburse anyone with IGA cash if necessary

Saturday Final Round
  • Set up tables of simultaneous Go and Chinese Chess games with the professionals. Have enough space for at least 8 Go and Chinese Chess players each.

Sunday Final Round
  • Before the last round begins, announce that game reviews of the top games for both Go and Chinese Chess will be held in the 2 meeting rooms after the final round and that everyone should attend
  • Start putting away Go equipment after any games have finished to help speeden up the tidying up process.
  • The Confucius Institute will require a list of all weekend award winners so that they can print off the award certificates and bring them by car to the Gresham hotel in time for the closing ceremony. They require you to email the list 2 hours before the closing ceremony. The list should be as follows:
     — Best Female Chinese Chess Player – Player Name
     — Best Irish Chinese Chess Player 3rd Prize – Player Name
     — Best Irish Chinese Chess Player 2nd Prize – Player Name
     — Best Irish Chinese Chess Player 1st Prize – Player Name
     — Go ‘4 Wins or More’ (print 6 times)
     — [Previous Year’s] Irish Go Champion – Player Name
     — [Previous Year’s] Irish Go Women’s Champion – Player Name
     — Go Youth Award – Player Name
     — Rapid Go 2nd – Player Name
     — Rapid Go 1st – Player Name
     — List of all possible permutations of potential main tournament winners from 1st to 5th for both Go and Chinese Chess:
       — Go 5th Prize – Player Name
       — Go 4th Prize – Player Name
       — Go 3rd Prize – Player Name
       — Go 2nd Prize – Player Name
       — Go 1st Prize – Player Name
       — Chinese Chess 5th Prize – Player Name
       — Chinese Chess 4th Prize – Player Name
       — Chinese Chess 3rd Prize – Player Name
       — Chinese Chess 2nd Prize – Player Name
       — Chinese Chess 1st Prize – Player Name
  • After final round has finished, print out final standings and update IGA website with final standings.
  • Change into a suit or something more formal for the closing ceremony

Closing Ceremony
  • Give quick summary of weekend:
     — Starting from Friday night
     — Give statistics:
       — Number of players
       — Number of countries
  • Thank:
     — Chinese Ambassador
     — All the sponsors, announce all the sponsors by name
     — All the professional who came over from China for the simultaneous games and informative game reviews
     — Prof Wang, The Confucius Institute and all the staff for all their amazing support
     — The Gresham Hotel for the fine venue, teas and coffees
     — All the players, especially the ones who come year after year and have travelled so far
  • Mention Group photograph of all winners at end of ceremony.
  • Move onto Prizegiving.

    The Go tournament organiser usually presents the following prizes on his/her own, make sure to have all the award certificates in hand in the correct order for presenting the prizes:
  • 3 or 4 Silly Prizes (nicest hat, jacket, tallest, longest etc). The player who comes last in the tournament should get an award. Make sure to get the Chinese Chess tournament organiser to pick at least Chinese Chess player for a silly prize as well.
  • Youth Award for any children
  • 4 wins or more
  • Irish Champion
  • Irish Female Champion
  • Friday Night Rapid 2nd Prize
  • Friday Night Rapid 1st Prize

    The Confucius Cup sponsors and special guests (the order of the who gives what prizes will be arranged by the Confucius Institute) usually present the following main tournament prizes:
  • Chinese Chess 5th Prize
  • Go 5th Prize
  • Chinese Chess 4th Prize
  • Go 4th Prize
  • Chinese Chess 3rd Prize
  • Go 3rd Prize
  • Chinese Chess 2nd Prize
  • Go 2nd Prize
  • Chinese Chess 1st Prize
  • Go 1st Prize

Post Tournament Tidy Up
  • Separate all Go and Chinese Chess equipment, all the Chinese Chess equipment and clocks belong to the Confucius Institute
  • Make sure that Go final standings are published on IGA main webpage
  • Ask Chinese Chess organiser to send you the Chinese Chess final standings.
  • Tell everyone that the Kimchi Korean restaurant has been booked for dinner at 6:45pm (in reality the restaurant should actually be booked for 7pm as players will be late anyway), hand out these printed maps to interested people.
  • Make sure you are the last person to leave the Ballroom Suite and ask reception to lock the room.

Days After Tournament Weekend
  • Export tournament as .h9 file and upload to EGF website here, create an account if you don’t already have an account. It can take a couple of days for the tournament to get added to the EGF database.
  • Collect and edit photographs
  • Contact Confucius Institute to get winners photograph, use this photograph in report
  • Write report on IGA website, use last year’s for guidance, and example can be read here.
  • Post link to IGA report on IGA Facebook group here.
  • Update Facebook Group photo.
  • Email all players thanking them for coming and include link to report

Invoicing The Confucius Institute
  • Update the IGA financial accounts, make sure that all entries are up to date in Google Docs.
  • Make a itemised PDF of all expense receipts
  • Some of the registration money collected over the weekend should be used to contribute to the Confucius Institute expenses, about €200, so subtract this amount from the overall invoice.
  • Create an invoice and email it to the Confucius Institute along with the receipts PDF. Samples below (click links):
     — Invoice cover letter email
     — Signed Invoice PDF
     — Receipts PDF
  • Offer to call out to the Confucius Institute to discuss the invoice and how the weekend went.

Reimbursing the Go Tournament Organiser
    Once the Confucius Institute has paid the IGA its sponsorship, the Go tournament organiser should be reimbursed for any expenses incurred for organising the weekend. These expenses might include flights, accommodation, batteries, printer ink etc. The tournament organiser should have compiled a list of expenses and submit an reimbursement invoice to the IGA treasurer.

OpenGotha Go Tournament Software
    OpenGotha is an open source Java Swing application that is used run Go tournaments. It is fairly intuitive but does have a few quirks, therefore practice using OpenGotha before using it in a tournament is essential.
Download OpenGotha from here.
Read OpenGotha User Guide here.

Main Tournament Setup
  • Run OpenGotha
  • Select Stand-Alone and click Start
  • The Welcome screen appears and a typical flowchart is shown:

  • Tournament->New

  • Options->Tournament Options
  • For the McMahon Bar, pick the highest rank where there are at least 8 players at that rank or higher. In the setup here, there are 9 players of rank 4D or higher so the McMahon Bar is set to 4D:

  • Players->Players Manager
  • Click ‘Update EGF rating list from…’
  • Set Registration to ‘Preliminary’
  • NB: Set Grade and Rank to the same rank
  • Click ‘Register’

and create the tournament with all the players that have registered so far.

Friday Rapid Tournament Setup
    Similar to Main tournament setup but with following differences:
  • Create a new tournament with ‘Swiss with Categories’ Setting.
  • Under the General tab, For Number of Categories, enter 1 and click ‘Adjust categories’
  • Under the Handicap tab, select ‘Handicap +1′
  • Under the Pairing tab:
     — Set Former rounds up to round:5
     — Former Rounds, select ‘Split and Fold’
     — Check the ‘Minimise Handicaps’ checkbox.
  • When publishing the pairings, check for any handicapped games set to 9 stones, check to see if that value should be more, eg 13 stone difference. Keep the maximum stones at 9 but give 10 points for every stone, so a difference of 13 stones rank would result in a game with 9 stone handicap and 40 point headstart.

OpenGotha Practice
    Practice a few tournaments and for each round:
  • Creating pairings (remove a specific player if there is an odd number)
  • Change table numbering, ie move a pair of players from table 1 to table 2
  • Force a different pairing (e.g. if two players are from same club)
  • Entering result for each pairing
  • View standings
  • Change result for a pairing in a previous round (e.g. you might have entered the result incorrectly)
  • Print out the standings.
  • Export the standings into a HTML file and copy/paste the HTML file into the IGA Current Standings webpage. This would typically be done during the weekend to publish the current standings on the IGA website after every round. A link to this webpage should then be posted in the KGS client during the games so that viewers can view this.
  • Save tournament to a different backup file for every round. Email the file to yourself for safe keeping. This is to prevent data being lost in case OpenGotha suddenly hangs or crashes. Very important.
  • Only ever have one window open in OpenGotha, ie OpenGotha allows you to have multiple windows open at the same time eg don’t have the Pairings window open the same time as the Enter Results window. Also it would confuse OpenGotha and yourself if you entered results into different Enter Results Windows.
  • Repeat above for all rounds

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