2008 Ladder Wrap-Up

Eight months and fifty-nine games later, the 2008 Ladder Tournament is over, and it remained exciting to the very end with Colin MacSweeny and Paul Brennan duking it out for a spot in next year’s Top 8 tournament in the final game yesterday.

The overall winner was Cao Tong-Yu, perhaps better known outside Cork as Sheehan on KGS, followed by Ian Davis and Noel Mitchell in second and third places respectively.

With Noel, Claas Roever and Stephen Flinter already qualified through the 2008 Top 8, places in the 2009 Top 8 will go to Cao Tong-Yu, Ian Davis, Michael Thai and Colin MacSweeny. The final spot will be determined by the result of the 4th/5th play-off game in the 2008 Top 8 between Ian and John Gibson – if John wins, he salvages an automatic qualification while Ian qualifies via the Ladder. However, if Ian wins, the last Ladder qualification goes to Brian Gallagher.

In view of the high level of competition in the Ladder, the IGA has decided to make two additional awards. The Iron Pillar award goes to the player who defended against the most challenges – both Colin and Brian faced seven challenges, but Colin’s superior win/loss record (a very creditable 5-2) gets him the award by a nose. The award for Most Active player was rather more clearcut – with twenty games played, Eoghan Barry was far ahead of Colin (12), John (11) and Brian (10).

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Ladder – I think it’s been a lot a fun and has succeeded admirably in providing a venue for serious, competitive play between IGA members.

We’ll take a break over Christmas, and the 2009 Ladder will commence on January 1st, 2009. The rules have been rewritten for improved clarity and the new version will be on the Ladder Rules page within the next week or so. As with this year, the Ladder will offer four qualification spots to the Top 8. To enter the 2009 Ladder, please email the Ladder Committee confirming your interest, your preferred contact email, and whether you are willing to play challenges online (if yes, please also give your account name(s) and specify which server.)

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