Ladder Tournament Rules

IGA Ladder Tournament Rules Version 2.0

These rules come into effect with the 2009 Ladder Tournament, commencing 1st January 2009.  Please see the main Ladder page for current standings and other information about the tournament.

  1. The ladder tournament is open to all members of the Irish Go Association.
  2. The initial ladder ranking will be based on the finishing position in the previous year’s ladder. New entrants will be placed at the discretion of the Committee but may not receive a starting position above 5th place. Players may join the tournament at any stage. The ladder will be published on the IGA website and updated at regular intervals.
  3. A player may challenge any player to a match who is five or fewer places above him on the ladder. The challenge remains valid regardless of changes in the relative position of the two players subsequent to the challenge being issued. A player may not challenge the same player twice in a calendar month. Neither player in a completed match may challenge the other for seven days after that match.
  4. The player who receives the challenge (hereafter referred to as the Defender) may respond in three ways:
      • ACCEPT – The Defender accepts the challenge, and proposes a time and a place for the playing of the match.
      • DECLINE – If the Defender has another challenge pending, he may decline the challenge.
      • FORFEIT – If the Defender is unwilling or unable to play the match, he forfeits the challenge.

    A Defender who receives multiple challenges should respond to them in the order in which they are received.

  5. In the case of ACCEPTANCE, the Challenger may accept the terms offered, make a counter-proposal if they do not suit, or else WITHDRAW the challenge.
  6. In the event of no response or unwarrantable delays in setting a match date, the Challenger may refer the challenge to the committee for ADJUDICATION. The typical adjudication shall be forfeit in the event of no response, and a warning followed by forfeit in cases of unwarrantable delay.
  7. A player whose opponent fails to appear at the appointed time and place for a match may claim a forfeit.
  8. Where no venue acceptable to both players can be agreed for a match, the game shall be played online in the Ireland room on the KGS Go Server.
  9. Matches are played according to Japanese rules with the following time controls: 60 minutes main time for each player plus Japanese overtime of 5 periods of 30 seconds. Colour shall be decided by nigiri. There shall be no handicap and komi shall be 6.5.
  10. If the Challenger wins the match, he takes the Defender’s place on the ladder, and the Defender and any intervening players move down one place.
  11. The Committee should be notified of all challenges, responses, forfeits and match results. No arrangements regarding the ladder will be considered official unless the committee is notified.
  12. Players who do not play a match for the duration of a calendar month are deemed INACTIVE. An inactive player is demoted one place at end of each month for which they are inactive. The next-highest placed active player will move up the ladder to take the vacated position. Players in the top 4 positions on the ladder are not subject to this penalty. A forfeit is considered a match played for the purposes of this rule.
  13. Players may take one two-week HOLIDAY during the tournament. During this holiday they will not be demoted for inactivity. Challenges received while on holiday must be responded to once the holiday expires. The Committee should be notified in advance of the intention to take the holiday. The holiday may not be taken during the month of November.
  14. Any disputes between players should be referred to the Committee for adjudication.
  15. The tournament ends at midnight on November 30th. The four highest placed players who are eligible for the Top 8 tournament, and have not already qualified, shall qualify for the subsequent year’s Top 8 tournament.

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