February 2016 Newsletter

This newsletter has been taken from John Doyle’s CorkGo website here.

There have been some excellent newsletters produced in the past, with articles, game reviews, publishing standards… This will not be joining their esteemed ranks. It is intended as a brief summary of the month ahead and recap of the month just gone. I hope the low-maintenance and content-light format will be flexible enough to allow its production at the end of each month, even when time is short or there is little to report.

Looking forward… February

Weekly Meetings
Dublin – Wednesdays 20:30 in Toners – https://www.irish-go.org/clubs-tournaments/dublin/
Cork – No meetings in the city this month. The aim is to resume in March.
Cobh – Most Tuesdays 20:00. Contact us if you are interested – http://www.corkgo.org/?page_id=9
Belfast – Mondays in the boat club in Stranmillis, though you may want to contact in advance to confirm – http://belfastgo.yolasite.com
Galway – No regular meetings currently. Stay tuned!

Looking back… January

January has been pretty busy. Makes me wish I had started this experiment a month earlier!

The Irish Women’s Championship final was decided in the third game, with Carol emerging victorious – http://www.corkgo.org/?p=689

The Top 8, opened with 7 players for the first time (that I can find mention of). Current standings – https://www.irish-go.org/national-international/top-8/

Belfast snuck in a one-day tournament right at the end. Results are available – https://www.irish-go.org/2016/01/31/tibi-wins-in-belfast/

The AGM was held. Minutes have been published – https://www.irish-go.org/2016-agm/

Registration opened for the annual Confucius Cup, which is scheduled to take place on March 4th-6th. Full details can be found on the tournament page – https://www.irish-go.org/2016-irish-confucius-cup/

Lastly, I’m sure everyone has read about AlphaGo’s 5-0 victory over Fan Hui, marking the first time that an AI has bested a professional in an even match, something not anticipated to happen this decade. Further reading – http://www.corkgo.org/?p=695

In closing, I’d like to thank anyone who has managed to skim this far. Comments and feedback, positive or negative, are appreciated. If I’ve missed anything, be sure to let me know during the month so that March’s issue can be all-inclusive! And I guess suggesting a name wouldn’t hurt if people deem the experiment worth continuing…

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