Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 1

This Tuesday was the first round of our Irish Summer Go Cup.
With 24 players and 4 teams of 6, the Cup will be rich in adventurous games and the first round didn’t disappoint!
Both games were lost on time so for new pandanet user, beware of the byo-yomi! The fight was intense on both games and we could feel that all players were very focused. The crowd was cheering on Discord!

First game was won by Clara Flinter from team GoSeiGen against Venkat Gudiwadi from team ANI. You can find the game and a quick review below :

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Second game was won by Roy Palmer from team Takemiya against Chin Koay from team ChoChiHun, and here is the review

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Congrats to Clara and Roy from eliminating their first opponent, they continue in the tournament while two new players stand up for team ChochiHun and ANI : Rick Brennan and Ken Wu.

You can find the team composition, rules and next games on the Irish Go Summer Cup googledoc page, See you all next Tuesday at 8pm on Discord and Pandanet!

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