Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 2

Round 2 of our Summer cup took place last Tuesday with two games which on the paper looked unbalanced, Clara (20k) against Roy (9k) and Ken (22k) against Ric (10k).

The odds were not shaken and the strongest on paper won their battle.

In game 1, Clara started well and captured a bunch of stones in a fancy looping ladder but slowly Roy put pressure on all parts of the board and took more and more territorial lead. Full review below

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In game 2, the game went through various phases with Ken taking a very high stance and going for influence. Ric quickly took the lead by grabbing territory, breaking in the center but later during the game a blind spot led to a group of stones being captured unexpectedly and the game became balanced again. But Ric found revenge on a big corner capture and then kept his own corners secured.
Full review below

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Now team Takemiya has taken a clear lead. Will Roy manage to go on with his winning streak ? We will see next Tuesday with a brotherly Galway fight between Ric and Roy while two new players are stepping in : Niall and Graham.

Full details of teams, results, and games here :
Irish Summer Go Cup – Google Docs

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