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Author: Philippe Renaut


After an intense week of go, Gavin will fly back to Ireland from Vladivostok with a great 3/6 score on the world scene, competing in the World Amateur Go Championship! He also competed in the high level Russian Cup and get a brilliant 3/5 there too.
Ireland has been well represented and ends up at…

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WAGC2021 – Day1

WAGC 2021 – Day1

So Gavin took a flight all over Europe to Vladivostok to represent Ireland at the World Amateur Go Championship 2021. 6 rounds of intense go to try and top the world of Amateur Go! First day was busy with the Opening ceremony and recovering from the trip.

Today was the first round and Gavin…

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Irish Summer Go Cup – Registrations are open

Hello merry go players!
What is a summer without a good ol’ Irish Summer Cup? Don’t worry, the IGA has you sorted with an exciting 5 rounds online tournament taking place in July on OGS!
All details can be found on the tournament webpage but to give you a flavour:

  • one round every Wednesday night
  • free

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