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Registration Open for League Season 5

Registration is now open for the fifth season of the IGA Online League. The fifth season will run from April through June. The League is organised into groups of 4–5 players of similar strength, with each group playing a double round-robin (so you will play two games against each other player in your…

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Registration Open for League Season 4

The League returns for its fourth season in September and we are now taking registration from new entrants. We have up to sixteen open slots, for players of all strengths, from dan to double-digit kyu. Complete the registration form We will assign you to the group that best…

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Registration Open for League Season Three

Tired of blitz games against randomers? Looking for serious, competitive, tournament-quality games online? Join the IGA League! The third season of the League will run from April to June. We have openings for players at every level from raw beginners to hard-boiled dans. But spaces are limited so if you want…

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Xinqun Victorious in the League

Lu Xinqun is the second champion of the IGA Online League, topping Group A with a perfect 6–0 record. Last season’s champion, Gavin Rooney, edged ahead of Philippe Renaut on tie-break to take second place. Although the outcome in Group A was already clear some weeks ago, Group B remained open until last night, when…

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Pro Review: John Courtney

John Courtney was lucky to win Group B on tie-breaker after he finished level with Przemek Dyszczyk and Matei Garcia. Here Antti reviews one of John’s games against Matei — the game was played face-to-face in Toner’s and the SGF is incomplete, but the crucial mid-game fighting is intact.

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