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Pro Review: John Courtney

John Courtney was lucky to win Group B on tie-breaker after he finished level with Przemek Dyszczyk and Matei Garcia. Here Antti reviews one of John’s games against Matei — the game was played face-to-face in Toner’s and the SGF is incomplete, but the crucial mid-game fighting is intact.

Pro Review: Peter Kasko

In Group C, Peter Kasko got off to a roaring start with three wins before Thomas Shanahan managed to break his rhythm. Nonetheless, Peter finished at the top of the group, with four wins. Here Antti reviews one of Peter’s games from this year’s Correspondence Championship, against the eventual winner of the Championship, Lu Xinqun….

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Pro Review: Stephen Nulty

Group D was tightly contested, with every player notching at least two wins, but Stephen Nulty was the only one to manage four, finishing the season at the top of the table. Here Antti reviews one of the games that Stephen lost, to Dimitrios Satkas.

Pro Review: Byoung-Ju Lee

League Commissioner Lee was clearly seeded too low in Season 1, with a perfect 6-0 record in Group E, and is off to a good start in Season 2 with two wins already. For his review, he chose an online game where the boot was on the other foot.

Pro Review: Cris Bratu

Cris Bratu topped Group F in Season 1 by a clear margin of three points, ahead of James Snowden and Michele Renaut. Cris recently took over from Gabriel Wagner as director of the EGF Academy, driving the development of promising young players. Here’s Antti’s review of one of Cris’s games on KGS, which Cris…

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