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Results from KPMC #12

Kevin Farrell was representing Ireland at the 12th Korean Prime Minister’s Cup. He gave a creditable performance, picking up 2 wins over the course of 6 rounds to finish in 45th place. If I read the results table correctly, he won against Guatemala and Ecuador, but lost to Belgium, Sweden, Macau, and Romania. It was…

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28 Oct – Korean Prime Minister’s Cup

Sketchy news reports have come in from Gwangju, Korea. James Hutchinson scored 3/6, beating Cyprus, Chile and Ecuador. Congratulations to him. The wbaduk website has some coverage of the event.

28 Oct – Ireland 49th in KPMC

Rory Wales represented Ireland this year in the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup. He won 3 games out of 6 in this fast paced competition, earning a respectable placing of 49th overall. There was a bar of 4d in the competition. Rory won against India, Brunei, and Kazhakstan, while losing to Australia, Belgium, and Slovakia. There…

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24th Oct – Korean Prime Minister’s Cup

Ireland managed to acheive 25th place in the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup World Amateur Baduk Championship. With the aid of a fortunate draw Ian Davis grabbed 4 wins from 7, laying waste to Norway, Portugal, Kazhakstan and Brazil – while failing miserably against Slovakia, Sweden and Denmark. Korea won the event ahead of…

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News from Korea

Terence McSweeney represented Ireland at this year’s Korean Prime Minister’s Cup.
He finished in 47th place, with 3 points from 8 games, a solid result. After a good start in the competition, with wins over Switzerland and Colombia (4dan), he ran into much tougher opposition. A win in the last round over Mongolia…

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