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Rip-Off Success for Dewei

Liu Dewei (Belfast) defeated John Courtney, Peter Kasko, and Matei Garcia (all Dublin) en route to overall victory at the April Rip-Off on Saturday. Further down the table, Niall Tuohy (Dublin), Larion Syrotkin (Cork) and Luke McGarvey (Belfast) also managed clean sheets, with three wins from three games. Last year’s champion, Marc Stoehr (Stockholm) stumbled…

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The Smithfield Special Returns

The Smithfield Special returns on Monday, 5th February (St. Brigid’s Day) for the first of four dates in 2024. Join us in the offices of Workday in Smithfield, Dublin 7, for a day of rated games at shorter time controls. The Smithfield Special is self-paired — when you’re finished your game, just look for another…

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The April Rip-Off

Shakespeare noted that “the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” Thus we remember the late John Gibson not for his tireless work for Irish Go, but for his love of rip-offs, trick plays and general iniquity. And what better way to honour that memory than three…

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April Rip-Off: The Gong Show

go Cheng Gong vs. James Hutchinson

Cheng Gong (L) vs. James Hutchinson Sometimes you just happen to be in Dublin for a weekend, notice that there’s a tournament on, stop by on a whim…and proceed to sweep all before you to take the top prize. Visitor Cheng Gong, formerly of the London club, took three straight wins to top the…

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Lu Xinqun Sweeps Rip-Off

Lu Xinqun plays James Hutchinson

Who was that masked man? Lu Xinqun (R) in action against James Hutchinson Newcomer to the Irish go scene Lu Xinqun dispatched Matei Garcia, James Hutchinson and Gavin Rooney en route to overall victory at the inaugural October Rip-Off. Further down the table, Tom Shanahan also managed a clean sheet to gain promotion to…

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